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According to internationally accepted grading methods, grading depends upon the the number of quarters in which defects can be found within the central "diamond" area (see below).

A defect can be a holes, scratch, loose scab, a healed wound or bacterial damage but must be less than 40 mm x 40 mm in size.

Grade 1 - defects permitted in 1 quarter only
Grade 2 - defects in 2 quarters only
Grade 3 - defects in 3 quarters only
Grade 4 - defects in 4 quarters

Super Premium - virtually a flawless hide with no visible defects in any of the four quarters or surrounding skin

Premium - no visible defects in any of the four quarters but may have a few defects in the surrounding skin.

Quill Areas
Q (1) to Q (4) : Central "Diamond" Area
N : Neck
S (1), S (2) : Upper Belly Flap
S (3), S (4) : Lower Belly Flap
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